Our Projects


BAVG Gardening Group

Our team of gardening volunteers have already completed a few small projects around the village.  These were undertaken between lock-downs when a small working party was allowed to get together.  We look forward to opening this group up to more people and completing more projects in the near future.


BAVG Knit & natter group

We now have an established Knit and Natter group running at the Village Hall Cottage every Friday morning.  If you would like more information please get in touch either on our Freephone number: 0808 528 4477 or email bavoffice@bavg.org.uk



BAVG Conservation Group

We have a large number of villagers who requested to join our conservation team.  Projects in the pipeline include regenerating the wildlife area at the Western Willows allotments, cleaning up the brook in the centre of the village, tree planting around the leisure centre and reclaiming an old wildlife area in St. Mary’s Church yard.


Litter-picking, foodbank & swap shop

BAVG are also involved in other projects including Litter-Picking, we are a distributor of red litter bags for Harborough District Council and have used some money from a grant to purchase some litter pickers and equipment.  Once restrictions allow we will organise a large social litter pick with a refreshments reward at the end!

We are referrers to Lutterworth and Villages Foodbank for anyone struggling financially and have a collection point at the front of the Village Hall for donations of food.  The residents of Broughton Astley are very generous and we average around  200 kilos of food donations monthly collected for the foodbank.

We were lucky enough to be able to obtain use of the Cottage at the front of the Village Hall during the first lockdown.  This enabled us to offer a Swap Shop, which was originally the idea of Broughton resident Sam Woolman.  People dropped off books, DVD’s, jigsaw puzzles and games which we sorted and quarantined for 3 days before putting them out for collection, free of charge, for people to take away and enjoy, then either keep or return them into the system.  The Swap Shop was very popular and it has been missed during the latest lock-down, but the cottage needed to revert back to its original use of providing education services.