Our Services

We have volunteers ready to help you

Since the first lockdown began we have been constantly surprised by the number of willing volunteers our village has brought forward. Some of the main services we have offered are featured below.

Local Shopping

A volunteer can drop shopping off at your door. Pay in cash or use our mobile card reader.

Prescription Delivery

Working closely with the Orchard Medical Practice and the Main Chemist, our team can collect and deliver your prescription to you as well as collect repeat prescription forms from your home to drop off at the doctors.

Dog Walking

If you are unable to leave the house due to self isolating, we have volunteers who will walk your dog for you.

Friendly Phone Calls

Don't be lonely! We have a small team of volunteers who are happy to ring you occasionally for a chat - it works both ways, some of our volunteers cannot go out themselves but welcome the chance to help others.

Posting Mail

Need a letter or birthday card posting? Our volunteers are happy to collect your post and pop it into the local postbox for you.

Mobile Cash Machine

Using a mobile card reader, we provide a 'cash machine' service direct to your door.

Topping up Electric/Gas Key

Volunteers are happy to go to local stores and top up your services key as required.

Why Volunteer?

In these unpredictable times we never know if we are going to have further lock-downs. Our aim is to support our community and ensure that nobody is struggling or feels alone. 

Information Required

For the purposes of our database we require your full name and contact information as well as your availability and the tasks you are willing to help with (not everyone wants to walk a dog or is happy chatting on the phone).  We also require  photo ID as proof of who you are and a selfie for your ID lanyard.  All of our volunteers are checked with Parish records to ensure they are genuine.