Our Story

Our Mission

The Broughton Astley Volunteer Group was set up on 17 March 2020 just before the first national lock-down came into force.  Our aim was to support the local community whilst keeping everyone as safe as possible during the Covid-19 pandemic.

On 15 October 2020 BAVG became a registered charity.  Our aims remain the same with the addition of creating local social groups to benefit the well-being of Broughton Astley residents.  As a charity we are now able to apply for grants and raise funds to enable us to continue with this work.

Extraordinary Experiences

Thanks to an amazing response by Broughton residents we soon received over 200 volunteers, all willing to help out in various ways.

We still have just over 200 volunteers on our database, some helping out regularly, others waiting for a call to help when needed.  We value all our volunteers whether you have helped out once on a small errand or are a regular shopper for one of the elderly residents of our village.

Our Core Values

All of our volunteers carry BAVG photo ID lanyards and have been checked against current Parish records.