RCC Logo

The Rural Community Council (RCC) are a charity with many similar views to our own.  They aim to improve people’s lives by connecting them with others, helping to enhance their mental wellbeing, increasing their awareness, skills and confidence, and supporting them to volunteer and become more active in their local community.   Their Rural Coffee Connect van provided refreshment to some of our volunteers last year, between lock-downs, helping us to connect with our volunteers to establish types of community interests.

They also helped us on our journey to becoming a registered charity.

Arthritis Action Logo

Arthritis Action is the only UK charity giving hands-on, practical help to improve the quality of life of people affected by arthritis.  We offer an integrated self-management approach, which looks at both the physical and mental health impact of living with arthritis. We support people living with musculoskeletal conditions through healthy eating advice, mental health resources, pain management techniques, local Groups, and exercise advice and resources.

Visit their website to learn more and also read their latest article on our Blog page here